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Zero Financial, Inc.
Genre: Finance
Release Date: October 22, 2017

Zero intends to replace your existing checking, savings, debit and credit card accounts with a rewards-rich, complete banking experience powered by a mobile app and card called Zerocard.
The highest level card, Zerocard Carbon, is a solid metal card that receives cash back at a flat 3.0% rate on spending regardless of category and 1.75% annually on average Current Position; other Zerocard levels receive cash back at a flat 1.0% to 2.0% rate on spending and up to 1.00% annually on average Current Position, when simple conditions are met. Current Position is your Zero Checking balance minus your Zerocard account balance. Average Current Position means the sum of each day's Current Position during your Zerocard statement period divided by the total number of days in that statement period.

Leveling up is easily achievable by referring friends and family that become Zero customers or by meeting annual spend requirements.

Zerocard is usable anywhere Mastercard is accepted. You don't pay any ATM fees beyond what the ATM owner may charge, and at the Carbon level, all ATM fees including what the ATM owner may charge are refunded.
Furthermore, there are no deposit minimums, annual, maintenance, or foreign transaction fees.

Please refer to the Zerocard Cardholder Agreement to learn more.
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