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Tribage - Xander - English - Build and Break artwork Xander – English – Build and Break
Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: October 24, 2016

Xander Build & Break is an educational app for young children to learn about shapes and symmetry. Age appropriate, curriculum based, construction and drawing activities support early learning. This app is interactive, fun and user-friendly, caregivers will intuitively be able to assist curious young children to explore a variety of activities.

Xander, the lovable narrator, guides your child through a range of learn-through-play edutainment to support accelerated learning. Valuable skills like space awareness, orientation, knowledge of shapes and symmetry are gained in the process to prepare young children for school readiness.

Learning has never been this addictive.

Prescribed grade appropriate activities
Space awareness, orientation, and symmetry skills
Shapes and construction
Improve fine motor skills and problem solving
Develop confidence through acquiring skills for school readiness

Build the shape
Complete the picture
Copy the picture with symmetry
Draw in symmetry
Solve the puzzle match and sort
Knock it down

Xander is a truly African initiative, developed by a local South-African Chartered Account and mother of three young children to incorporate widely accepted psychological findings on the importance of education in a child’s mother tongue.

Your children can now engage with high-quality educational apps in the comfort of their home language, resulting in enhanced knowledge absorption and technical skills proficiency that can match global peers.

*See more of Xander by EverAfrica Group here (link to group in Store)
*”Best Kids App” winner Silicon Beach App Awards 2015
*Used and trusted by parents world-wide

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