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Vacharachai Nuiklom - Writing ABC & Sentence Words artwork Writing ABC & Sentence Words
Vacharachai Nuiklom
Genre: Games
Release Date: October 7, 2018

"Writing ABC & Sentence Words" is a unique method for tracing letter, supported by dotted lines and arrows indicating where to begin and how to form each letter. children can trace with their finger, a flap to lift to find a surprise, and bright illustrations!Your child will develop the fine motor control needed for Kindergarten while also learning to recognize each letter and it's sound!

Helps children gain knowledge of the proper english language and increases the linguistic and cognitive background of your child

Writing ABC & Sentence Words give you samples of writing and how to pronounce the words with giving examples of the fruits with the pictures and to ensure your child's learning easy and fun way

This mobile application was developed to help strengthen English language development for children and quickly progressive.

The game includes content writing of English letters, uppercase & lowercase characters, digits 0-9 ,English Sentence.

-Teach your children by tracing the Alphabets
-Interactive Flashcard English Alphabet Learning
-Interactive way to trace the alphabets by hand
-Voice for each Alphabet
-Free for Pre-school children or children who want to practice basic of English writing
-Good ABC phonics sound for children learning sound of English from A to Z.
-Children will learn the practice of writing letters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters A to Z, the numbers 0 to 9
-Best for parents to let your children, learn the basics of 26 alphabet characters.
-Children tireless, strategies that are easy to learn A to Z alphabet.
-Children will learn the alphabet by ABC game, that helps your child to quickly for develop on English language.
-Children will learn the alphabet by the animals game, that helps your child to quickly for develop on English language.
-Children will love ABCs for preschoolers

Alphabets, letters, Colors are the first few things kids learn at school. Funny and engaging Alphabets/letter games will attract parents and kids alike.

Enjoy! Learn and have fun!
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