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Karen Opeda - World's Unsolved Mysteries artwork World’s Unsolved Mysteries
Karen Opeda
Genre: Games
Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 31, 2018

A revolutionary app that is part novel, part gameplay, with extensive cinematography and an epic soundtrack. Blended with conspiracy, mysteries, war, romance and drama that will take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride.

The only horror app that was specifically made to scare the hell out of you with its creepy ambient, sinister sound effects and story telling with HD footages that will literally make you jump out of your seat

World's Unsolved Mysteries

In W.U.M. you'll step into the shoes of Thomas, unraveling secrets, plots, murders and mysteries that are all intertwined in the universe of W.U.M.
Find out his correlations with the 13 Families, The Black Nobilities, The Order of Draconium and his role in the Reckoning.

*A never before seen novel
*HD footages
*Atmospheric music and Epic soundtracks
*Multiple-gameplays to immerse yourself more to the story
*Minimalist interface to let you focus more on the visual tale
*Unique riddles and questions to solve
*Investigate murders while learning more the rich deep lore of W.U.M.

The Impact
The app is a revolution both in the film and novel industry, as it gives fans a more interactive way to immerse themselves in the story. It will also change how stories are told, as people get to choose a direction for the narrative.
We hope that well-funded apps like this will stand above the poorly made novels that are becoming a trend in ebooks nowadays. It will give another venue to publishers and writers who work tirelessly for their masterpiece but are ignored due to the abundance of books/ebooks in the market.
The vision has already been created. The goal is to gather enough fans to echo the revolution.

User experience 100% more immersion when using the app with earphones.
The game is best played with maximum brightness as all videos are HD.

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