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Daniel MILLWOOD - WordSearch Picture Puzzles artwork WordSearch Picture Puzzles
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Release Date: January 31, 2018

If you enjoy word searches, then you'll love this twist on traditional word search puzzles. Guess the words from the pictures shown, then find them in the word search.

Here's an example. You see a picture of a fire and a picture of an engine. What's the word? Fire-engine!

If you need help guessing a word, you can easily reveal it by swiping up on the pictures. To view the different pictures, simply swipe them left and right. To highlight a word in the word search, drag your finger from the first letter of the word to the final letter of the word to select it.

The pictures used in this game were kindly donated for public use at openclipart.org Thanks to all the artists for making this game possible! I hope you enjoy the game.
© © 2018 Daniel Millwood

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