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paul long
Genre: Games
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Release Date: July 5, 2018

Sharpen your mind using strategy to spell the most valuable words. This earns you spells which allow you to change the letter arrangements, letting you score even better words.

Pangram, the letter volcano, is about to erupt!

Legend tells of a magical prodigy whose mastery of words and strategy will save the day. Spell words by selecting adjacent tiles in any of the 8 directions. For instance, following the yellow arrows to spell GUITAR in the example below.

Longer words improve your fortune, which means better replacement letters. Oh, but the jumble of letters, what is a Wizard to do?

You will advance your magical skills through levels, and when they are high enough, you will gain magic spells that are added to your book. Casting these spells require mana, which you collect by spelling words with purple mana tiles.

You are also awarded free spells, earned by spelling long or high scoring words. They do not require any mana to cast.

Spell higher scoring and longer words by strategically rearranging the letter tiles using the spells you have available, and any that have been awarded.

But beware of lava because if they reach the bottom the game is over. Keep the lava tiles away and earn the highest score.
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