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Genre: Games
Release Date: December 3, 2018

Word Journey – a brand new crossword experiences with addictive landscapes!

Start with infinity words search puzzle and become a Pro in words spelling and word searching. This is a brand new relaxing way to build your words stack by stack. Swipe your finger to find correct words and Learn some new vocabularies every time you play! Connect your pleasure and vocabularies together. You just need connect letters in a right order and prepare to release your imagination. Prove yourself with cross every word you know without pen and paper. You can share words with friends and dive into an interesting competition together.

How to play:

-Swipe your finger and cross words you know.
-Discover funny facts to have a good journey.
-Find Bonus words probably will be a way to pass another level.
-Can’t figure out the words? Use coins to get an extra hit!
-Crossword style to make the game experience even better than another.
-Every puzzle has a funny topic, including town, crossroad, bible, candy and so on.
-Each word brings new topics and genres that give you different feelings.


-Over 5000 different interesting topics to challenge your imagination.
-Escape from bored and stress. Fall into fun words world.
-Collect vocabularies to fill your boring time.
-Make your trip to words world! And also make yourself a word master.
-It’s not just a simply words combination, it’s a landscape of words challenge.
-Beautiful Visual experiences to enjoy word searching.

What are you waiting for? Come to join the journey of words!
Let’s start your vocabularies from a word town to a word empire!

© © Chaohuang Wu

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