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Jiliang Gao - Word Guru - Puzzle Word Game artwork Word Guru – Puzzle Word Game
Jiliang Gao
Genre: Games
Release Date: November 8, 2017

Word Guru is a free word game that trains your brain muscles, tests your vocabulary, spelling, guessing and puzzle solving skills – just connect the letters and build words! Get a fun brain exercise at any time you like and improve your vocabulary!

If you are a word search game lover and like to play brain games to improve your vocabulary or simply to swipe and guess the hidden words, Word Guru – A Word Search Game is the perfect choice for you!

– Over 2,300 levels ready for you to unlock! Starts easy and go high!
– Built-in dictionary to learn new words!
– Special daily challenge offers free coins!
– Login everyday to get daily bonus!
– Discovere hidden extra words!
– No time limits!
– No internet connection needed!
– Supported on iPhone, iPod and iPad!

How to play:
– Connect the letters to build words.
– Complete the level once all required words are built.
– Solve words marked with stars to earn bonus coins!
– Use the "Hint" button to reveal a letter of an unsolved word.
– User the "Shuffle" button to rearrange the letters for a fresh look.
– Extra words are valid words besides the answers you've found. Find more extra words to earn bonus coins.

Want to challenge your brain and grow your vocabulary? Come and play the Word Guru with your friends!
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