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Genre: Games
Release Date: April 22, 2018

The latest and most addictive word search game 'Word Farm – Animal Kingdom' has arrived!

Are you a word finder genius and do you enjoy solving word puzzles? Word Farm's handcrafted word puzzles will test your skills in word searching, anagrams and crosswords! It's a real challenge! Fun and simple word searching on your device and hours of playtime. Test your skills going through the insane amount of levels with increasing difficulty, try to collect stars and unlock all of the flowers! Word Farm is the new word connect game with a twist, look for the hidden words and grow your very own word farm today!

• Swipe and unscramble the hidden anagrams to create words
• When you find the correct word your animal friends will be happy and the word will be shown above
• Hints and clues are available should you get stuck on the tricky word puzzles
• 'Extra words' are rewarded when you unscramble a correct word by allowing you to test your luck and win coins in the 'find the carrot' minigame

• Find all of the hidden words from different letters
• Hand-crafted word puzzles that really train your brain
• Beautiful graphics with fun farm animal characters to play along with
• Bonus flower growing game, win stars and spend them on different flowers to earn more free coins
• Simple, Fun and Challenging for all puzzle players
• Daily bonus rewards and coins by completing the daily challenge
• Play for free on your Phone and Tablet
• Whether you want word games for adults or word games for kids, Word Farm is the best free word game for mobile!
• Play offline or online

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