Whip Dummy Crash – Ruslan Visaitov

Ruslan Visaitov - Whip Dummy Crash artwork Whip Dummy Crash
Ruslan Visaitov
Genre: Games
Release Date: March 13, 2017

Have you ever dreamed of crash dummy?
Then you should not be afraid, you will succeed!
To have a lot of cards available, but you will begin your crash in the city of "Valley" crashed into the building, people and dart boards, among many other things. Do not forget you have the opportunity to drive a car, use it!

You play as a crash test whiplash dummy valley . Mad wheels you seem fun. Realistic physics mad regdol. It's up to you to bring glory back to you and your kind in an orange plastic piece of art Whip Dummy Crash game!

Have a good game!
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