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SmartHunch - What the fish! artwork What the fish!
Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: September 29, 2018

What the fish! is a unique, fast and challenging auto-runner set along the gorgeous riverside. Jump through expertly crafted levels for an electrifying experience.

Finish all the levels and graduate as a Dolphin Trainer.


– Simple and Unique way to jump! On iPhone Xs, Xs Max and X you jump with your eyes! Don't have any of these? Don't worry, you can use touch to play
– Feel the jump, bump and the shocks (Haptic Feedback)
– Record the gameplay and your expressions as you play
– Calming and colorful landscapes
– Pixel perfect physics
– Multiple objectives in each level. Finish the level | Collect 3 stars | Earn a SAFE SWIM BADGE (Don't collide anywhere)
– Shared gameplay progress across all your iOS devices

Have a great time and try not to say "What the fish…" as you play!
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