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Release Date: June 3, 2016

How Voteworthy Are Your Candidates? Choose the right candidate on November 6th 2018 – The midterm 2018 United States Congressional Elections.

The Heat Is On!
Presenting the all-new political trivia game app – Voteworthy. Play this fun political quiz for free and answer questions related to political news, views, labels and candidates – their promises and policies, current affairs, government, blunders/ gaffes, US Presidential Election, interesting anecdotes about Presidents and their first ladies, American political history, and many more issues in the political spectrum that would interest you.

You can also invite your friends and fellow political junkies – Democrats, Republicans, libertarian or Independents, to play this stimulating game and challenge them to beat your score. Use lifelines for a leg-up, boost your ranking and win a coveted place at the VoteWorthy leaderboard while competing with people who share your passion and awareness in the US Political Scenario.

How to Play VoteWorthy?

Trivia Quiz
•Choose the quiz from the home screen of the Voteworthy app.
•Answer the questions – correct answers will get you a place on leaderboard, while the wrong answers will lead to negative markings.
•Lifelines like 50/50 and crowd selections will help you beat your opponent.
•Play with friends and like-minded people.

Fake Or Fact
•Give your opinion on the authenticity of a news by segregating it as fake or fact

Why to Play Voteworthy?

•Engaging and educational mobile app on the US political scenario.
•Test your mettle with others interested in US politics.
•A fun way to challenge your friends and to show-off your political knowledge.
•A great way to learn about political history as well as the current affairs

Download Voteworthy NOW.
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