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Syed Haris Izhar - Virtual HighSchool Life artwork Virtual HighSchool Life
Syed Haris Izhar
Genre: Games
Release Date: July 29, 2018

Virtual High school girl is up and ready to take on the first day of high school life. Start your high school girl story by doing daily School fun activities. Go through several time management tasks in this virtual high school game. Play as a High school student to perform multitasking. Embark on all the exciting activities on the first day of your high school. Be a Brilliant student in virtual high school life simulator game for girls. Virtual High school Girl is going to Start high school story on the first day at High School in virtual simulator game!

Dress up for the first day of school. Reach at the high school on time on a school bus on your first day. Go to the principal office and introduce yourself. Take information from admin office & find your classroom in a virtual school game. Note down the lecture of a virtual teacher from the blackboard. Get your books from the library of your respective subjects. Its Lunchtime buys food from high school canteen or cafeteria during lunch break. Go to the lunchroom and eat your lunch. Make new high school girl bff! play tic toe game with new BFF in virtual life game 3D. Save & Rescue your friends who are being bullied by bully students in high school adventure game. Play basketball in the play area. Beat & Challenge your friends score in this high school girl game. Find the Dancehall & practice your dance moves for an upcoming dance war event. Lunch Time is over now! Virtual Teacher holds a Surprise Quiz. Rush to the classroom & get prepared for the test. Show your homework & help your class fellows in high school simulator. Go to the lab and do experiments for chemistry & biology subject in life simulation game. Go to the locker room and get flowers from the locker. Propose your crush and offer him to be your boyfriend. Start your love story in high school & be a perfect girlfriend in virtual high school life girls game. Take a journey into your “high school life” and find your ideal prom date!

Play this grand Virtual Simulator game with RPG storyline for the high school experience. perform different levels of high school daily life activities that are more entertaining than ordinary virtual family games. Start Your HIGH SCHOOL LOVE STORY NOW!
Features of Virtual High school Life: Girls Game

High-Quality 3D Graphics
High School Fun Simulation
Super High School Environment
Teen Love Story Games For Girls
Exciting and Addictive Game Play
Smooth, Easy & Intuitive Controls
Maximum Fun & Amazing Sounds
Daily High School Tasks Based Missions

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