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Gary Nials - Unlock artwork Unlock
Gary Nials
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: April 24, 2018

This simple puzzle game has been developed after I had used Swift Playgrounds on my iPad. I left my last job and the Swift Playgrounds sparked my interest in learning to code Apps.

I bought an iMac and learned the Apple ‘Everybody Can Code’ courses; ‘Introduction to App Development with Swift’ and ‘App Development with Swift’.

Using the information on the Apple developer website helped me understand the basics of SpriteKit.

My wife challenged me to make a simple game. So Unlock was created, my wife’s design.

From there I watched the WWDC videos that helped me with prototyping, Swift and SpriteKit.

This game has been written in Swift by someone who learnt to code Apps in just over 5 months. It utilises SpriteKit which took a further 2 months to learn.

'Everyone can code' is the name of Apple's courses and it is true. Even a 50 year old ex-manager with no experience in App Development can create a simple puzzle game.
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