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Haishan Li - Twisty Helix Tower artwork Twisty Helix Tower
Haishan Li
Genre: Games
Release Date: July 3, 2018

This is Twisty Helix Tower: Jump down the spiral, a totally new ball game in 2018 for you to play!

In Twisty Jump: down the spiral, you rotate the spiral, guide a bouncing ball, jump down a spiral tower, escape dangerous steps and reach the safe step at the bottom of the spiral tower.


1. Tap the screen and move your finger to rotate the spiral tower.
2. Cross the the steps to jump down the spiral.
3. Land on the safe steps only. Avoid the danger sectors.
4. Watch out the moving danger sectors.
5. You can rotate clockwise or anti clockwise.
6. There is no time limit.


– A freshly new ball game in 2018.
– Four game modes provided, including Normal Level, Normal Endless, Turbo Level, Turbo Endless
– Various game scenes and color combinations designed to help avoid monotony.
– Single hand, single touch gameplay. Very easy to play.
– Fun & relaxing, makes you forget time and surroundings.
– Moving down the spiral tower to get high scores as much as you can!
– As a new ball game, among the most popular games in 2018.
– We are continuously working to add new contents and new modes to this game.

Please keep an eye on Twisty Helix Tower: Jump down the spiral.
© © Haishan Li

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