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Tiago Serra - Trial 5 Extreme 2018 artwork Trial 5 Extreme 2018
Tiago Serra
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: November 20, 2017

The 5th game of the series is here!!
Fast Paced racing skill game where the player has to reach the end passing trough crazy hard obstacles, loops, ramps etc, with he shortest time possible.

– Over 50 Tracks
– RACE your Dirt Bike and upgrade it
– Realistic Physics
– IMMERSIVE Gameplay
– over 450 combinations
– 6 Stunning Scenarios

What's New on:
Version 2.49
– Fixed Wheel Grip
– Changed location of inGame UI
– Added Christmas Theme and Unlockables
Version 2.40
– Player is now able to skip Levels
– Added Graphics Levels and AutoGraphs Detector
Version 2.31
– New Garage Scene
– New Upgrade system
– Ranked System now Displayed on Main Menu
– You can now customise every single aspect of you Motorcycle, Tires, Wheels, Handles, Engines, Injections, Header, Tails, Protectors, Exhausts,Sits,Bike Frames, Fuel Tanks, Mudguards, Rear Suspension, Forks etc etc…..
– Prices of Upgrades are now cheaper

Gamepad Support
Bike Upgrades

Dive yourself into this game awesome environment, with rich and realistic models, better player immersion.
© © Tiago Serra

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