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Roberto Casso
Genre: Business
Price: $14.99
Release Date: September 14, 2018

Traffic management has become an important daily routine in cities, counties and states today with the exponential growth of traffic on roads, and increasing pedestrian and bicycle studies.

With Traffic Count Lite App makes data collection simple, accurate and affordable. Traffic Count Lite App can be used to count data on variety of studies, including intersection turning movement and basic classification, quick classification, pedestrian and bicycle counting, basic classification, general counting and time-stamp.

The Traffic Count Lite App was developed with the traffic engineer in mind, using a intuitive interface for ease of use while maintaining complete capabilities. It allows you to crate and save the main basic traffic studies on your device. When finished, it allows to download the study data using the iTunes application to further create studies, graphs and print reports.


– Keep unlimited Traffic Studies
– GPS Location
– Interactive Map to select Study Location (Drop Pin on Map)
– Includes basic intersection Study Counting
– Includes Bicycle and Pedestrian count and classification
– User defined studies
– Time Stamp PVR
– Timer Function to select interval
– Intuitive Screen for each specific study
– On screen study progress review
– Download Studies Data to manipulate study and create reports

Updated versions of Traffic App will be updated periodically to expand functionality and performance.
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