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Rob Wilmot - TONAL RECALL™ - memory game artwork TONAL RECALL™ – memory game
Rob Wilmot
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: April 24, 2013

Train your brain to memorize musical notes, instrument sounds, classical music, drum beats and synthesizer sounds with the original Tonal Recall™ !
The game is based on the same principle as the cards game pairs, fishes or happy families. TRy to remember where they are once you pick them.
In Practice mode, you can choose any subject and any level for casual play. This is similar to the card game but you have the first attempt free.
In Tonal Recall mode, you progress from the easiest level to the final crazy level. You can listen to each item once to memorize it. Four users can keep track of their high scores in Memory Mode.

Regular playing of this game can improve your memory!
Reached number 4 in the charts!

© © Beats n Bobs (Rob L Wilmot)

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