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Genre: Finance
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Release Date: May 15, 2018

Token is a simple and beautiful currency converter!

Easy Convert to and from more than 1,000 digital currencies. Monitor the cryptocurrency market trading data with the latest and most accurate prices – in no time.

Token is a simple, easy to use and an effective app that can help you convert digital currency with ease.

The app features a simple interface. This simple interface allows you to operate and convert the currencies quickly.

• Quick search: Allows the user to perform a quick search for any crypto currency. Type in the name and get the result.
• User-friendly: The app is user-friendly, and it is easy for anyone to understand its concept.
• Popular Crypto currency: This feature allows you to get the name of almost all the popular digital currencies.
• Offline: The app helps with offline access to users (even when there is no internet connection). This enables the user to use the app anywhere.
• Conversion rate updates: The app provides the user with live updates on the currency’s current conversion rate. This helps the user to be updated with all the latest change in the conversion rate.
• No sign-in required: The app doesn't force you to register or create a new account. You can open the app and get ready to access all its features.
• Create favorite crypto currency: You can have your own favorite list of crypto currencies.

With Token you will be able to monitor the crypto market and its latest trading data, along with the most accurate prices with ease and that too in no time.

The Token app allows you to get your digital conversion done with a simple click.

Cryptocurrency exchange is now completely user-friendly.
Download the app and make digital cash conversion easy.

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