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Xin Wang
Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: March 30, 2018

Tiny Decisions is a app to make all decisions fun & easy! Just input your question, add/import options and spin the wheel to get a random answer!

It it always so hard to decide? Should I get a pizza or a burger? Should I get it in grey or black? Should I do this or should I not do this? The Tiny Decisions app is created just for you!


* Create your own decisions to make
* Built-in decision templates
* Select non-repeating options
* Flip a coin
* Share decision with your friends
* Import options from clipboard, one option per line
* Make quick decision

Please write a review if you like this app, it's very important for me.

Twitter: @tinydecisions
Mail: tinydecisions@qq.com

Welcome to submit your templates on Twitter.
Please send a mail if you want to help me localize the app to your language.

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