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Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: November 24, 2016

“Boss! A Spy is infiltrating your base!” This common scenario has now turned into a pass time for your evil organisation, so why not make a game of it? In the Spy Game, set-up elaborate traps to amuse yourself with all the annoying invading Spies.

The Spy Game is a side scrolling puzzler where you play the Mastermind out to take over the world; but first to deal with these Spies, who, to be honest, are not very good at their jobs. Your objective is to use the many traps at your disposal in various combinations to make some terrifying mazes and cause as much havoc as you can before the Spy reaches your (fake) intelligence.

– 40+ maps to test all your crazy contraptions
– 15+ traps to use in combinations for painful results
– High Scores to beat and improve on
– A Sandbox Mode to make the perfect set-up


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