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Connor Krupp - The Plate Game artwork The Plate Game
Connor Krupp
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Release Date: March 12, 2014

It sounds simple enough: find all 50 license plates in the United States. But… its not so easy. When you are on the road alone, with family, or with friends, keep track of your progress with the State Plate Game. When you find a state, mark it as found within the app to track your progress. The app will also give you interesting information about each state!

If you're unfamiliar with the game, here is how it's played: while you're on the road keep on the lookout for license plates. If you spot a new one swipe right to mark it as found and keep track of your progress. While you're at it take a bit to learn about the state you've found.

State Facts:

Land area
Highest elevation
Year the state entered the union
Nicknames for the residents
State nickname

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