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Warhorn Studios - The Hottest Game artwork The Hottest Game
Warhorn Studios
Genre: Entertainment
Price: $0.99
Release Date: August 31, 2018

Step into Devii's dungeon and experience her twisted test of reflexes — The Hottest Game! As the fire builds up, the tension rises… at any moment the screen will burst into flames. As soon as it does, LIFT your finger! The faster you react, the hotter your score! Think you can impress Devii? She's watching your every move!

You can go at it solo, but things really heat up when you invite some friends. The Hottest Game supports competitive play for up to FOUR simultaneous players on the same screen! Huddle in close as the fire builds up… will you come out on top?

Note: If your device has AssistiveTouch or gesture related functionality turned on, for best results it is recommended to turn these features off when playing The Hottest Game or any multi-touch based games. (Settings > General > Accessibility)
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