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Russell Trotter - the backpack kid game artwork the backpack kid game
Russell Trotter
Genre: Games
Release Date: January 12, 2018

The Backpack Kid with his signature dance move “Flossin” has taken the world by storm. Now gamers can use his moves on this incredibly addictive and entertaining game. Try to get Backpack Kid to the highest level of the game and reach high scores, as he collects coins on his incredible journey! Once he lifts off the goal is to to keep in the air as he jumps on different levels as your score increases. Be sure to avoid the fire balls, but try your best to pick up the rocket pack and magnet as you float through the board. This game is simple yet entertaining. How high can you get your score!

Game features:
Flossing Dance move
Free to Play
Endless Gameplay
Bonus features
Challenge you friends with the best high score
Collect Coins and buy new Backpack Kid Characters

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