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Jocelyn Stuart - Tap&Talk artwork Tap&Talk
Jocelyn Stuart
Genre: Education
Price: $2.99
Release Date: September 4, 2018

Can you find the letter A? Tap the letter A!

Tap and Talk is specifically designed to offer your little ones (ages 2+) a fun and interactive learning experience! With different foundational learning themes added frequently, your child will never get bored!

Current Learning Themes: alphabet, numbers (up to 30!), shapes, colors, and animals (more coming soon)

Each theme includes multiple pages and levels that provoke interest and growth! The theme will first disclose what each object is on the page and then ask the kiddos to identify them. Through method repetition and spoken instruction, your children will learn and know their fundamentals by heart!

Features Include:

Simple rules for kids
Enthusiastic and encouraging voice-overs
Easy controls
Listening and memory skills
Levels that progress in difficulty

***Coming Soon***:

Each theme will be available in DIFFERENT LANGUAGES (For all those bilingual babes out there)
More themes such as transportation and foods
Added levels to existing themes
and MORE!

Please provide feedback in the comments or on our website, and let us know your favorite pages or send us recommendations for future themes!

We love to hear from our users!
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