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Release Date: February 5, 2010

Put the emPHAsis on the right syLLAble … or put the EMphasis on the right SYLLable! This is a fantastic resource for all ESL students. You will learn the simple rules of syllable stress so you can speak confidently and without hesitation.
You can use your iPhone headphones to listen, record on the digital recorder, and compare yourself with the model audio.
Designed by Ann Cook, author of the best-selling American Accent Training, AAT is an amazingly easy way to learn the American accent. It’s perfect for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. This is the least expensive way available!
In common speech, most Americans use one-syllable words, but you still need to know the difference between OBject (noun) and obJECT (verb). This is excellent practice for TOEFL and TSE. ESL instructors will find this to be a great way to pick up the basics of teaching the American accent.
Feature Summary:
•  Stress in 2-syllable words
•  Stress in 3-syllable words
•  Common intonation transitions
•  Clear pronunciation of examples
•    Audio for each exercise
•    Digital recorder
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Coming soon: American English: Grammar & Accent, British vs. American English, Punctuation & Spelling.
Compatible with iPhone/iPod/iPad
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or above
Support is provided at (800) 457-4255.
Chat support is provided at

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