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Eran Kampf
Genre: Finance
Price: $0.99
Release Date: April 27, 2015

StockBeat aims to be the best app for tracking stocks news and data.

– Aggregated news stream from leading providers: Yahoo, Seeking Alpha, NASDAQ, Google Finance, Business Insider and more…
– Quick reference list to track all the stocks you choose
– Twitter integration – join the Twitter discussion on each stock
– Continuity support – smoothly transition to browsing stock information on your Mac
– Today Screen extensions
– 3D touch support – force click a news headline to preview and share.
– (NEW) Multiple watch lists.

* No in-app-purchases, get the full app with no hidden costs.

StockBeat is lovingly made as a personal project.
As I was using Robinhood for trading, Google Finance for tracking my portfolio and various other apps for browsing the news (Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, …)
I became frustrated with all the different apps and decided to try make an app could do it all.
This is the goal for StockBeat.
I will continue to improve it over time and would love get your support & feedback.

© © 2017, Eran Kampf

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