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YUTING HU - Stock Signal X artwork Stock Signal X
Genre: Finance
Price: $12.99
Release Date: July 28, 2018

Our Service provides you with forecasts every trading day whether to buy or sell a security. And we keep every buy sell signal record so that you can know historical model return data. The service covers China indexes and A share stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges having long enough data history for modeling (about over 10 year history).

If you started investing 10 thousands in ShangZheng 500 since 1990 and held it until mid 2018, you could get about 280 thousands and bought a car. Within the same time frame, if you used my buy sell trading rules to operate ShangZheng 500, according to hypothetical model data, you could get about 2.6 millions and bought an apartment. Why use me? Because the difference could be between a car and an apartment!
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