Stickman Spider Hero 3D – Anna Gulevich

Anna Gulevich - Stickman Spider Hero 3D artwork Stickman Spider Hero 3D
Anna Gulevich
Genre: Games
Release Date: September 9, 2017

You are the only hero who can deal with ninja stikmanami. And so they arrived in your city and made riots. Your goal is to protect civilians because you are a spider hero and an advocate of humanity. But ninjas are not the worst enemies, you also have to fight a gang of goblins of mutants who are very strong and dangerous. You are a superhero and on your shoulders is the defense of this city. Forward to the battle with evil stickman!

Features of the game Stickman Spider Hero 3D:
1. Play for the spider of the hero Stickman and fly around the city
2. Fight various villains
3. Jump on the roofs of the houses and explore the world
4. Complete 8 unique tasks and learn the whole story of the hero of the spider

© © Анна Гулевич

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