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Stefano Chini - Stick A Life artwork Stick A Life
Stefano Chini
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: September 11, 2016

Can’t you do nothing else than create imaginary story? Do you feel a little budding screenwriter?
Are you ready to free the imagination that’s inside you?

Stick A Life is the perfect app for that!

Choose your characters, choose the scenes and give life to your tiny actors by moving them on the screen!
Add recorded voices, dialogues, sounds or noises and finally…play your artwork and enjoy the show!

You can save, modify or replay your scenes!

And when you’re definitively satisfied share your miniature movies with friends and family and become a star!

This app is just great for all ages children since:

it encourages creativity and self-expression,
it allows to develop communication skills,
it promotes the kid's fantastic production.

The kids will play and so do you!
© © 2016 Stefano Chini & Augusto Castelli

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