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Indriani . - Space Road Block artwork Space Road Block
Indriani .
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: February 6, 2015

Let the races begin! You are the owner/promoter of the biggest spaceship race taking place in the galaxy on Planet SHG but the drivers need your help. There is an annoying road block that needs to be moved every time the spaceships make a lap. It is up to you to move the road block just in time so the spaceships don't crash! If they crash, its game over. So you have to be quick with your fingers to move this road block so that the race continues, no one crashes, and you can rack up some points! The racers depend on you, the people of the entire galaxy are watching, do you have what it takes to have the longest race without any crashes?

Space Road Block is a simple yet very challenging game that has a very retro, atari feel to it. You only need one finger and lightning fast reflexes to play this game. Please don't take it personally and get too frustrated when you lose, mastery of your reflexes is the mission and that can only be achieved through perseverance.

Download this game and play for hours, challenge your friends and don't forget to rate us!
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