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Maxim Barkov
Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: March 8, 2017

With the help of easily consumed game "Sounds for kids" your child get acquainted with the different animals and their voices.

– No advertising
– Family


– 77 colored things five categories encourage your baby's curiosity.

– Farm: frog, cat, rooster, cow, dog, fox, horse, mouse, pig, sheep, duck, bee, donkey, fish, hare

– Wild animals: lion, tiger, seal, owl, bear, penguin, mankey, hippopotamus, elephant, deer, zebra, panda, koala, rhinoceros, snake.

– Tools: hammer, anvil, screwdrivers, scissors, pencil, box cutter, axe, screwdriver, shovel, peel.

– Vehicles: tractor, aircraft, bicycle, SUV, bus, cruise ship, dump truck, helicopter, rocket, submarine, train, truck, motorcycle.

– Musical Instruments: Trumpet, Guitar, Drums, Piano, Electric Guitar, Drum, Maracas, bongo, Electronic Keyboard, Xylophone.

Animal sounds play when you touch the image of your child open yourself the new world.

– Easy game.

Begin and get carried away!


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