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Genre: Games
Release Date: December 19, 2018

“Soul Carols:Tinder” is a high-definition 3D real interactive MMO role-playing mobile game.
Inside the game are warriors/knights with heavy armor, light and flexible thieves, and explore the magical sorcerer and other professions for players to choose.

Game features:
Players gradually become familiar with the game through the epic plot line.
In the game world players can experience a variety of pve games, such as treasure caves, dungeons and magic invading. You can also enjoy instant PK (such as arena, battlefield and war temple) to provide players with PVP battle fun.

Different occupations have different occupational characteristics. Players can unlock their gorgeous skills, excellent talent trees, and more powerful equipment to arm their characters by increasing the level of the game character. There are different monster cards in the game for players to collect and activate to get small pets. Cute little pets can carry around.
Join“Soul Carols:Tinder” this adventure.

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