SnakySnake the Spherical Snake – Nicolas Pierre-Loti-Viaud

Nicolas Pierre-Loti-Viaud - SnakySnake the Spherical Snake artwork SnakySnake the Spherical Snake
Nicolas Pierre-Loti-Viaud
Genre: Games
Release Date: July 12, 2017

Use your finger to guide Snaky and his friends around a lot of different planets! Try to eat as many foods as possible and make the biggest snake ever!

■ Several Characters
Collect many characters already available and all the others that will arrive gradually.

■ Various Universes
Discover dozens of nano-planets with unique atmospheres and colorful designs.

■ Special Powers
Use the special powers of certain characters to alter the universe or the time and reaching high scores.

■ Challenge your Friends
Compare your scores on leaderboards and try to defeat your friends!

■ Free To Play
Snaky Snake is free and all its content is unlockable by playing.

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