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xiao yangqing - Sim Life:My Miracle Life artwork Sim Life:My Miracle Life
xiao yangqing
Genre: Games
Release Date: September 2, 2018

Become a president before your character die at old age. You have to change yourself from a slumdog to become a president in limited time. So you need to live and work, also you have to study new skills and climb up the corporate ladder, build a family, become a politician, and eventually become a president.

At the beginning you have nothing ;
Make money to buy foods, clothes and rent a house;
Work hard to make money and improve your living conditions;
Make good use of your spare time to learn so that you can constantly climb up the corporate ladder;
Find your girl and built your own family and have your own children;
Ensure physical and mental health of you and your families;
The park and casino are great places to enjoy yourself;
Buys cars, houses and planes everything you want;
Constantly enter new fields, improve your position and make yourself an elite;
Go through all the challenges and become a president.

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