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Genre: Games
Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 28, 2016

Be a brave truck driver delivering cargo on the narrow mountain roads in bad weather! Raise up your driving, parking and transporting skills! Explore mountain roads as a true trucker, deliver a cargo and enjoy picturesque landscapes with Semi Truck 4×4 Off-road Race Simulator!
Welcome to our delivery company! Your duty as our driver is to find goods to deliver and drive a truck fast to deliver goods on time. Find customer, load cargo and deliver it to the destination point – warehouse, store and other – on time! Remember, you must keep care of your truck or goods, so avoid accidents – or you’d be punished!
Earn money for delivery and use it to repair and upgrade your American truck or even buy a new one! The faster you drive and deliver cargo to the customer – more money you earn! Don't forget about the safety of your goods avoid accidents to protect your cargo or truck from damage.
Explore hill and mountain roads between towns, cities, and villages racing at a high speed! Deliver goods from the mountain roots to the top and back, ride fast over the serpentine road and have fun! Keep the goods safe, your truck or cargo shouldn't be damaged!
Drive your truck across the wilderness between different mountain towns with our Semi Truck 4×4 Off-road Race Simulator!
Semi Truck 4×4 Off-road Race Simulator features:
Ultimate mountain delivery simulator in 3D
Varies delivery missions – drive, park, and transport all the sorts of goods
Realistic driving physics
Wide range of truck upgrades and investments
Realistic driving situations
Feel like a real driver!
Start your ultimate offroad adventure with this truck driving simulator! Earn money to upgrade your truck and get more space for your goods or just drive faster! Enjoy mountain landscapes and roads playing Semi Truck 4×4 Off-road Race Simulator game!

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