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Jiri Samek - SeeItReal artwork SeeItReal
Jiri Samek
Genre: Business
Price: $1.99
Release Date: October 8, 2017

It is hard to properly imagine proportions and spacing from 2D models, house plans or electronic 3D representation. With this application you can walk inside your house just by using you mobile phone. Check positioning of of doors and rooms and see the scenery through the windows.

Load different kinds of 3D models into the application and place them inside an augmented reality based on a real time video from your rear camera.

Application supports models with textures in Collada (.dae) format. And models without textures in formats: 3d, 3ds, ac, b3d, bvh, cob, dae, dxf, ifc, irr, md2, md5mesh, md5anim, m3sd, nff, obj, off, mesh.xml, ply, q3o, q3s, raw, smd, stl, wrl, xgl, zgl, fbx, md3.
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