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Taptix Ltd - Sector - SciFi RPG map tool artwork Sector – SciFi RPG map tool
Taptix Ltd
Genre: Games
Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 28, 2017

Sector is a mapping tool for classic tabletop Science Fiction Roleplaying games.

With a single click Sector will generate an entire sector (16 subsectors) of worlds for you and your players to explore.

• Full UPP (Universal Planetary Profile) generation for every world
• Random name generation for all worlds, sectors and subsectors.
• Beautiful mapping that shows the mainworld size, atmosphere and surface type at a glance.
• Minor and major trade routes calculated and drawn on the map
• Clusters, chains and voids are automatically detected and named
• Pan and zoom the map with multitouch. Tap a world for more details. Tilt your device to shift the labels and routes slightly.
• Tap the map with two fingers to show or hide the navigation and toolbars
• Export your map as a beautiful PDF, or as a plain text listing.
• Import original plain text sector listings in the standard format. Many classic sectors are even bundles in the app!

That's not all – the map is editable! Tap the 'Edit' button and then tap hexes to remove a world you don't want, or add a world to a blank hex. Trade routes and cluster names are generated on the fly.

Note: requires the use of an RPG rules system. Contains materials from the Traveller SRD document:

Note: Mapping an entire sector is resource intensive. Recommended for iPad Pro and iPhone 6s devices or better.
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