Scream Pro – Monkey Sounds – Benjamin Moran-Perkins

Benjamin Moran-Perkins - Scream Pro - Monkey Sounds artwork Scream Pro – Monkey Sounds
Benjamin Moran-Perkins
Genre: Entertainment
Price: $0.99
Release Date: July 24, 2018


The best monkey sounds, remastered for maximum quality and normalised volume. Press any sound within the list for instant screaming playback. Share the popular monkey sounds with your friends and family using the built in share feature.

A must have iPhone/iPad companion app for anyone who loves monkeys and animal sounds.

– Remastered and treated
– Normalised volume
– Updated regularly
– Settings screen for common tasks
– Share each sound with other apps and people

– "Baboon"
– "Chimpanzee"
– "Gibbon"
– "Gorilla"
– "Howler"
– "Macaque"
– "Spider Monkey"
– "Tamarin"

If you love monkeys then you'll definitely need this screaming companion. Easily prank your friends with the best internet sounds.

Please comment in the review section below to recommend new sounds which will be investigated by our team who will measure the quality of each listed sound – your recommendation could be in the next update!

Scream Pro.
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