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Аnton Meluta - Scary Basics in Education artwork Scary Basics in Education
Аnton Meluta
Genre: Games
Release Date: November 24, 2018

Solve all the secrets of the basics in education at school, run away from the bald teacher and find the keys to school doors and Baldi's office. You have to explore the intricate school corridors and mysterious classes and find hidden notebooks with records of education and learning in primary school. Collect all notebooks, solve the problems written in them on the basics of math learning and demonstrate excellent education of the school program! But be alert – an evil bald teacher will persecute you and try to punish you for bad learning of the basics in education of math, if he can catch you.

Move freely around the locked school, look for hidden notebooks to test your learning and find the key to Baldi's office to solve the basics riddles of this school and get an excellent education!

– A large school with confusing corridors and locked classrooms.
– Excellent check of the basics in education for children and adults!
– A clever and creepy bald teacher will check your learning!
– Each new game is a unique test in education and learning of the school program!
– Baldi's office will not leave anyone indifferent!

© © Anton Meluta

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