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Fred Galves - Rules of Civil Procedure artwork Rules of Civil Procedure
Fred Galves
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Release Date: December 19, 2017

The Civil Procedure App is an easy and convenient way to quickly and efficiently consult:
(1) The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: the text of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (including any significant California distinctions for California-based lawyers and law students);
(2) An explanation of the Federal Rules. Prof. Galves’ academic explanation of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and examples of their application and interpretation by judges; and,
(3) The Official Drafters’ motes. The drafters of the Federal Rules of Civil procedure (“the advisory committee”) have provided the official guidance for the operation and application of the rules (with case citations) in the advisory committee notes for each rule.
this legal content is organized into small sections of each civil procedure topic (stages of a civil lawsuit) and then correlated to the other legal reference sources. all this content is contained in just this one source, so that lawyers and law students can review and study civil procedure rules, explanations, and hypotheticals in an easily accessed, portable format (with video and podcast lectures).
these source materials are usually found in different books or other materials that are often set forth in a linear, outline form that must be separately, yet simultaneously, consulted, which represents a much more difficult and cumbersome format than this app.

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