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Tomoyuki Okawa - Robo Desk artwork Robo Desk
Tomoyuki Okawa
Genre: Business
Price: $9.99
Release Date: November 3, 2018

– Use Your iOS Device As Front Office Receptionist –

Robo Desk is an iOS app that lets you use your device as a front office receptionist so that you won't have to allocate an extra employee to deal with visitors. Robot Desk asks very visitor for their name. Once the name is confirmed, they will be then asked who they are visiting with a list of employees. The app will also ask the visitor whether or not they have an appointment. Finally, it will transmit an office visit record to its host.

– Features –

1. Receive a list of office employees from its desktop counterpart.
2. Automatically transmit an office visit record to its host.
3. The app works both in the portrait mode and the landscape mode.
4. Languages: English and Japanese
5. Application file size: 39.8 MB

– System requirements –

1. iOS 10.0 or above
2. iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

– Limitations –

1. In order to use your device as a front office receptionist, this app must be connected to a host (Robo Desk Central).
2. In order to learn how to use this app, please refer to Robo Desk Central's User Guide.

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