Real Taxi Driver: City Cab – PHAM THI THU

PHAM THI THU - Real Taxi Driver: City Cab artwork Real Taxi Driver: City Cab
Genre: Games
Release Date: September 12, 2018

You are a crazy driver and drive your car and passenger around a huge and vast New York city, downtown, uptown. And than you will learn how to drive manually transmission vehicles and what is difficult in the classic automatic gearbox. Get crazy with your NY taxis drive. This is the amazing & realistic taxi simulator with mad taxi driver in midtown. Taxi game requires racing high skills, it is first importance to keep passengers safely, view through different camera angles and drive and park your taxi like a pro driver.

Key features:
-Drive taxi as fast as possible.
-Many traveling missions.
-Large selection of taxies.
-Enjoy drive from multiple views.
-Easy to use slider pedals, for a better control
-HD eye catching 3D graphics.
-Smooth and handy game play.

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