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Genre: Entertainment
Price: $0.99
Release Date: June 19, 2017

RMvr is a lightweight, accelerometer-driven utility for viewing 360º content. You can easily access 360º content in your Photos Library, side load from iTunes, or import from Mail, Messages and other sharing apps on your phone.

RMvr displays equirectangular media in handheld full-screen mode as well as side-by-side mode for Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). The content library is fully viewable while in HMD mode so you can browse, view, and exit content in the library while wearing an HMD. RMvr also supports stacked equirectangular content for stereoscopic viewing on HMDs.

Smooth accelerometer tracking provides a consistent and accurate viewing experience in both modes.

** How to load content:
– Load directly from within the app by accessing you photo library;
– Send content from any app that supports iOS native share to RMvr;
– Side load content with iTunes File Transfer when your iPhone is connected to a computer.

** Supported File Formats:
– H.264 for both MOV and MP4,

** Max Video Resolution:
– 4K equirectangular,
– 2K stacked equirectangular (device dependent)

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