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Paolo Caruso - Racing Team Owner artwork Racing Team Owner
Paolo Caruso
Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: March 21, 2016

Racing Team Owner puts you in control of your very own racing team. It is a strategy and management simulation game where you get to control all aspects of your team from hiring drivers and developing your cars to investing in facilities.

– Create your own team from scratch
– Watch your cars compete in races
– 20 tracks, with individual characteristics, to compete in throughout the season with unlimited seasons
– Compete for both Constructors and Drivers Championships
– Start off in the lowest league and take your team all the way up to the World Championship
– Hire the drivers you want to race for your team, carefully choose the right driver as they can get better with experience
– Invest in your facilities to improve your car and other elements of your team
– Focus your mechanics on the areas of your car you want to develop along with balancing this with work on next year's car
– Decide on the number and quality of mechanics working for you
– Manage your finances carefully so that you can invest in your team
– Build up your fan base

Racing Team Owner tests your ability to lead all aspects of owning your own racing team – develop the right strategies to get your team to the top! Racing Team Owner is free to play having been designed so that you can play all areas of the game and complete it without the use of in-app purchases (although they can speed up your play if you wish to use them).
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