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Pratik Luharuka
Genre: Games
Release Date: January 18, 2018

Quote Codes is a word puzzle game where you unlock your favorite quotes by substituting one letter at a time. In every game, each symbol stands for a letter. Your aim is to guess and decode the quotes!


•Beautiful and addictive word puzzle game.
•Decode quotes ranging from all themes like Epic TV Shows, Timeless Movies, Classic Disney, Netflix Binge, Legendary Authors and many more!
•Over 85 different themes to play. Solve quotes from Game of Thrones, 13 Reasons Why, Rumi, William Shakespeare, Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things and countless more.
•Hand crafted custom animations of each symbol. Beautiful minimalistic visual design.
•Completely free to play with minimum Ads. Earn coins by successfully decoding quotes!
•Universal app with Facebook sync. Play on your iPhone and iPad and your progress will always be in sync.

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