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Genre: Education
Release Date: October 12, 2018

QuickTutor is the first app that connects anyone who wants to learn to the people who can teach them, in real-time. Learn anything with the tap of a button, online through instant video calling or in-person. Or make money teaching others the things you're great at! From aviation and architecture to chemistry and canoeing — we have anything, just a tap away.

QuickTutor offers over 9,000 subjects that anyone can learn or teach. Tutors set their own prices, tutor whenever they'd like and receive instant payments for their time. Tutoring sessions can be online (through video calling) or in person (through our custom menus).

There's no need to go to a tutoring center, do an online search or try to find a perfect tutorial video online. With QuickTutor, you can search for any subject, topic or idea you need help with and connect with experts in real time who can help!

Whether you're traveling to a new city, need help with an upcoming exam or would like to learn a new skill like skateboarding — there's a QuickTutor for every occasion. We've made tutoring more simple with instant messaging, secure payments, ratings & reviews and scheduling up to 30 days in advance. Download the app today and get a QuickTutor!


Choose from over 70 languages, 400+ sports & games and thousands of topics, ideas, and subjects. Schedule as many tutoring sessions as you'd like in any subject, up to 30 days in advance. We have a scheduling system to manage all of your tutoring.


Go on local trips led by native experts, whether it's exploring the city life of San Francisco, Morel Mushroom hunting in Northern Michigan, or learning about and enjoying Japanese food.


Access to thousands of academic tutors who can help with your studies, with just the tap of a button.

Learn from experts all over the world:

• Cooking & Baking – learn to make cultural recipes, handle food safely and cook homemade dishes.

• Social Media Marketing – learn from social media marketing experts.

• Drop Shipping – learn how the pioneers of drop shipping carved the path for others.

• The Arts – Whether it's dancing, singing, or comedy – this is where we get the creative juices flowin’.


• Book tutoring sessions and learn to play video games better, learn a new language or find a physics tutor for this fall semester.

• Use our powerful search bar to search a particular subject, and you are instantly loaded a list of tutors based on your price, distance, and video/online preference filters.

• Profile personalization with up to four profile pictures, a bio, rating and review system, and reporting systems.

• Message your tutor, send them photos & schedule sessions up to thirty days in advance.

• In person or video call tutoring with ease.


• Become a freelance tutor within 3-5 minutes.

• Create your schedule. Share your passion with others and earn money doing it!

• Automatic payments, direct deposit, financial analysis, and custom cancellation/late policies.

• The ultimate business management tool for tutors or anyone who’d like to teach.

• Update how your listing is viewed on the main learner feed.

• Share what’s unique about you and your experience as a tutor.

• Message learners and manage their tutoring sessions with ease.

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