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Denise Robertson - Princess Pairs - Games for Girls artwork Princess Pairs – Games for Girls
Denise Robertson
Genre: Games
Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 23, 2015

Flip the cards to match pictures of princesses, princes and royal animals!

The popular Pairs game (also known as Concentration, Pelmanism, Shinkei-suijaku, Pexeso) to train your kid's attention and memory, with multiple difficulty levels and pictures which girls will love: princesses, princes, royal horses and other animals. You can select the difficulty of the game, between just 4 cards and as many as 28 cards, to suit your daughter's age and ability. Girls can play this game alone, though parents may wish to explain to them the rules of the game at start.

Press any 2 cards, and they will flip. If both cards have the same princesses, they will stay open. If the pictures are different, the cards will close again. Your task is to keep opening cards randomly to memorize the pictures on them and finally open all the cards on the field.
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