Pop My Toes – Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders - Pop My Toes artwork Pop My Toes
Chris Sanders
Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: March 17, 2018


Pop My Toes was born from the strange enjoyment of popping “real” toes. If you are a toe popper you know what I mean.

Pop My Toes combines memory sequence and this strange fascination of popping toes together. Multiple levels, difficulties and some fun bonus distractions all in one spot. If you enjoy the old Simon (green, red, blue, yellow) games then you will enjoy this but with added difficulty.

Check it out and see how many rounds you can achieve. The faster you respond the higher the score will be. Those distractions are bonuses so while you focus on the sequence you can get extra points by hitting the bonus distractions but do not lose focus.

Sunny Beach – Easy & Hard
Toby Hive Five – Easy
Close Encounters – Easy & Hard
Shark Tank – Easy & Hard

Enjoy the game and start popping some toes.
© © 2018 Chris Sanders

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