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Khosla Neil - Poly Coloring: Art Puzzle Game artwork Poly Coloring: Art Puzzle Game
Khosla Neil
Genre: Games
Release Date: July 13, 2018

Poly Coloring is a brain training puzzle game that allows you to arrange a collection of polygonal puzzle pieces and create fantastic images!

Poly Coloring is a polygon based puzzle game, revolving around the theme of coloring by number geometric figures, which results in mesmerizing short animated videos displaying the coloring process of numerated low poly pieces.

The app is packed with tons of different coloring pages categorized in themed sets like colorful Animals’ portraits, exotic geometric Birds and Plants, that will give you a wonderful eye-catching visual satisfaction.

Poly Coloring consists of hours of gameplay constantly topping up with new themed content, with all the game levels designed in a way to surprise, inspire and provide you with a fantastic color-by number puzzle game experience.

How to play:
** Select the color .
** Identify the target area either by outline.
** Play like a jigsaw puzzle

• Lots of colourful puzzles
• Anti-stress colouring
• New puzzles every day
• Mind-blowing gameplay design
• A heap of themed poly packs
• Regular puzzles updates
• Sharing option (Instagram, Facebook Messenger)

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